To Shower or to Bathe that is the question!


So, you love to have a bath, but everyone else in the household prefers to have a shower.

The ideal solution is to have a good quality bath enclosure to stop water splashing around the bathroom.

Bath enclosures are very similar some would say better and almost identical in looks to a shower enclosure , but without the height and are designed to fit and make your bath a watertight recess , which is ideal for a steaming hot shower and most are suitable for power showers.

A practical and stylish solution. Choose from space saving foldaway designs to ingenious triple bath screens that are hinged to create a shower enclosure over the bath.

Browse the selections from Screwfix and Big Bathrooms Shop dont forget to try bath screen as a search word as big bath store call them bath screens but other stores call them bath enclosures!

You will find some excellent ideas all good value for money, but remember to take the measuremsnt from bath top to ceiling if you live in an older property with lower ceilings, just a thought!

Think about keeping the bathroom warm, even in the summer, with climate changes, you can not always guarantee the temperature in the summer months. A towel rail is a good idea, because then you can always have a warm, dry towel and it doesn't matter if that is after a bath or shower! and the rail will take the chill off the room without making it to hot.

It would be a good idea to have this professionally fitted, as DIY, electrics and bathrooms are not a good mix!.

Think of the brownie points from the family...

The ideal solution to the "do we have a shower or do we have a bath" argument.